BIOLOGY 237 Unit 1 Sample Test


In answering these sample questions, ask yourself what other questions might be asked on the same subjects, what other related subjects or terms might be tested, what other forms the questions might take.

Matching QuestionUsing Figure , match the following:

1. Composed of dense irregular connective tissue Answer: a

2. Responsible for shock absorption and located in the hypodermis. Answer: b

3. Pulls the hair follicle into an upright position. Answer: c

4. Contains the basal layer and transitional layers of the epidermis. Answer: f

5. Contains the cornified layer of the epidermis. Answer: e

6. Secretes sebum as a waterproofing and to prevent drying Answer: d

Match the following:

a. Erythema, b. Langerhans cells, c. Xerosis, d. Sepsis

7. A bacterial infection that is often fatal in bum patients. Answer: d

8. The cells that are found in skin to function in immunity. Answer: b

9. Characteristic redness caused by a sunburn. Answer: a

10. The clinical term used to denote excessively dry skin. Answer: c

Match the following:

a. Keratinocytes, b. Vitamin D, c. Keratin, d. melanin, e. Merkel cell,

11. The most abundant cells of the epidermis. Answer: a

12. Must be activated in the skin in order to enhance calcium metabolism. Answer: b

13. The protein found in the epidermis that is responsible for waterproofing and toughening the skin. Answer: c

14. Cells which mediate the sense of touch. Answer: e

15. Chemical which helps to block UV radiation from damaging the stratum basale. Answer: d

Match the following:

a. Stratum corneum

b. Stratum germinativum

c. Sudoriferous

d. Apocrine

e. Sebaceous

16. The glands that serve an important function in thermoregulation.. Answer: c

17. The layer that contains the mitotic viable cells of the epidermis. Answer: b

18. Glands which secrete oil at the root of the hair. Answer: e

19. Glands which secrete sex attractant pheromones. Answer: d

20. Dead cell layer from which cells are constantly exfoliating. Answer: a

True-False Questions

21. Arrector pili muscles are associated with each hair follicle. Answer: T

22. The dense fibrous connective tissue portion of the skin is located in the reticular region of the dermis Answer: T

23. Scent glands are modified sweat glands. Answer: T

Multiple Choice Questions

24. A needle would pierce the epidermal layers of the forearm in which order?

a. basale, spinosum, granulosum, corneum

b. basale, spinosum, granulosum, lucidum, corneum

c. granulosum, basale, spinosum, corneum

d. corneum, granulosum, spinosum, basale Answer: d

25. The dermis:

a. is an avascular connective tissue layer.

b. has two distinct layers.

c. lacks sensory corpuscles and glands.

d. is where melanocytes are found. Answer: b
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